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Nobile 1942

Galette des Rois Reed Diffuser


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Nobile 1942

Gourmand, Spicy

We can all be kings and queens, if only for a day! Once upon a time in France, there was an ancestral custom of serving the "galette des rois". According to tradition, the eldest guest cuts the cake into slices, leaving an extra slice as a reminder of the custom whereby even the poor, knocking on the door, would find something to eat during Epiphany. The youngest guest, hiding under the table so as not to see the slicing, then decides who gets the slices. Whoever finds the bean in his or her slice wears the crown and becomes king or queen for the day and, in theory, will be able to "give orders" to the rest of the group throughout the day, suggesting what needs to be done to keep the celebrations going.

A hymn to sweetness, as tradition demands! The butter of the perfumed pastry encloses a layer of frangipani cream, like a jewel case with the inimitable fragrance of almonds and spices.

Notes: Lemon, Almond, Biscuit, Saron, Hot cream, Sugar, Vanilla, Tonka bean


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