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J.F. Schwarzlose

Rosa Centifolia


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By perfumer Véronique Nyberg
J.F. Schwarzlose


Floral, Woody

Nuances of sandalwood and tangy, leafy green freshness are her harbingers. Then she awakens – the hundred-petalled rose on her spicy rose bush: Subtle at first, but then with confidence and radiating presence. Rosa Centifolia lasciviously reveals her body, striving towards light and life with her cool buds. She shines, blooms, and reigns. She is the rose that came to conquer and stay. Freely interpreting Gertrude Stein: A rose is a rose is an icon

The iconic Rose Centifolia – often called ‘Rose de Mai’ – beats at the heart of some of the world’s most prestigious perfumes. Its flowers are always harvested in the early morning freshness, allowing hundreds of aromatic molecules to contribute to Rose Centifolia’s extraordinarily rich olfactory profile Elegant pastel nuances with a lemony facet and a very light pepper effect contribute structure and volume. In J.F. Schwarzlose’s tenth creation since its rebirth, the Rose Centifolia Absolute develops a transparent, cool note with an earthy and sensual intensity that is anything but volatile.

Top Notes: Petitgrain, Cardamom, Osmanthus Absolute
Middle Notes: Rose Centifolia Absolute, Bourbon Geranium, Sambac Jasmine
Base Notes:  Bourbon Vetiver, Namibian Myrrh, Santamanol (captive)


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