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Citrus Riviera

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The Sparkle of Lemon and Jasmine in a Summer Breeze


By perfumer Ralf Schwieger
BDK Parfums

Citrus, Floral

The Scoop

Ready to dive into summer? Citrus Riviera by BDK is like bottling up the best parts of a sun-soaked holiday on the French Riviera. It's all about zesty citrus meets Mediterranean blooms – imagine strolling through a lemon grove right by the azure sea.

What's Inside

  • Top Notes: Moroccan Neroli, Italian Mandarin, Italian Lemon, Fig Accord
  • Heart Notes: Moroccan Jasmin, Strawberry Neo Jungle, Eucalyptus, Flower Absolute
  • Base Notes: White Musk, Patchouli from Indonesia, Vetiver from Haiti, Tonka Bean Absolute

The Inspiration

Picture this: You're lounging in a chic beach club on the Côte d'Azur, sipping on something refreshing. The air is filled with the scent of citrus and flowers, and the Mediterranean breeze is working its magic. That's Citrus Riviera in a nutshell.

The Experience

First spritz? It's like biting into a juicy mandarin – instant mood lift! Then, the jasmine and fig kick in, whisking you off to a fancy garden party. As it settles, those woody notes of patchouli and vetiver add a touch of elegance that'll keep you feeling confident all day (or night) long.

When to Wear It

This is your go-to for sunny days and balmy nights. Perfect for beach outings, alfresco lunches, or those swanky rooftop parties. Basically, anytime you want to feel like you're on a luxe vacation.

The Nitty-Gritty

We're talking Eau de Parfum here, folks. That means it's got staying power – no need to reapply every five minutes.

What People Are Saying

"It's like sunshine in a bottle! One spray and I'm mentally on a yacht in Cannes." - Sarah

"The perfect mix of fresh and fancy. My new summer obsession." - Mike

Pro Tips

Want to make it last? Hit those pulse points – wrists, neck, behind the ears. Your body heat will do the rest, keeping you smelling amazing all day.

Ready to Feel like you're on a sunny getaway on the Mediterranean coast?

Grab a bottle of Citrus Riviera. Your ticket to the Côte d'Azur is just a click away! 


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