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Perris Monte Carlo

Cedro di Diamante


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By perfumer Luca Maffei
Perris Monte Carlo



“Our journey to the origin of Mediterranean perfumes takes us back to where everything began. To Magna Graecia and its art, philosophy, techniques…. And perfumes. Diamante, a small town with a great past. The Citrus Medica or Diamante Citron grows only here, the result of a mutation. One of the many miracles that have occurred in this stretch of the Calabrian coast caressed by Tyrrhenian breezes.” 

It is the Perfect Tree, whose fruit - rich in flavour as well as perfume - symbolizes the excellence of the chosen people in Jewish tradition. Rabbis come to this short stretch of the Calabrian coast to choose the finest citrons, an essential part of celebrations for Sukkot, the main Jewish holiday.

So the Diamante Citron was a must for our celebration of Mediterranean Italy, a crossroads for many different traditions. We handled it with care, as befitting a fruit that is much more than a simple ingredient. At its core lie memories, faces, merchant ships, and interwoven languages. A myriad of stories that the sweet notes of the Citron retell with a modern touch: the spicy heart and soft, musky base.

Top Notes: Lemon, Lime, Verbena
Middle Notes: Ginger, Black Pepper, Pink Berries, Cardamom
Base Notes: Musk, Oakmoss, Iris


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