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Gift Ideas Inspired by the Smells of Christmas

Gift Ideas Inspired by the Smells of Christmas
With the holidays come moments of love and sharing, exquisite flavors, familiar melodies, but also unique smells that contribute to the Christmas atmosphere. H Parfums offers you gift ideas that recall the delicious smells of Christmas, let's discover them together.
Cinnamon: Comforting and warm
Typical of gingerbread, apple pie or mulled wine, this tropical spice is the bark of a tree native to India and Indonesia. After being dried in the sun, the bark is distilled with steam to obtain a powdery, spicy and warm essence, which is a perfect addition to oriental
and woody fragrances.
Discover three of our fragrances that revisit Cinnamon: Majaina Sin by The Different Company, with its candied ginger and sunny white flowers; Délice by Mr. Micallef, a bouquet of spices enriched with enveloping vanilla and orange zest; or the Maharadjah candle by Nicolaï, which combines clove, cinnamon and sandalwood for a scent that celebrities are snapping up!
Gourmand Notes: Reminiscent of childhood memories
Who doesn't love those sweet treats that make us rejoice during the holidays, and make us forget the cold? Praline, caramel, candy cotton or vanilla, these appetizing notes have been making us happy since the end of the 90s!
Here is our selection of Christmas gift ideas on the theme of gourmand notes: Remember Me by Jovoy, with its deliciously sweet Chaï Latte; Pas Ce Soir by BDK with its juicy pear and quince chutney; and our Gourmand Discovery Kit containing five of our bestsellers in 2ml format.
Woody Notes: Evenings by the fire and snowy forests
In perfumery, we find a beautiful diversity of woody notes, including cedarwood, which is rather dry, vetiver with smoky facets, round and milky sandalwood, or leathery and animalistic oud. Enveloping and comforting, these scents provide a sense of grounding
and serenity. These scents evoke winter and are often the base notes that give the perfume depth and longevity.
Discover our selection of woody fragrances, perfect gifts for both women and men: De Bachmakov by the Different Company, created in homage to the icy forests of Siberia; La Route du Cèdre by Nicolaï, which blends the warmth of cedar with the freshness of pine; and Burning Leaves by CB I Hate Perfume, which evokes the smoke of burning maple leaves.
Visit us in store to discover our rare fragrances, we will be delighted to welcome you. It will also be an opportunity to find gift ideas to treat yourself and your loved ones!

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