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The Latest News From The Olfactory World

The Latest News From The Olfactory World


Jovoy is a fabulous perfume store in the rue Castiglione, in Paris, but it is also a brand created in 1923 that had been forgotten for 80 years. It is thanks to François Hénin (owner of Jovoy boutiques) that the name resounds again since 2010. The eaux de parfum, extracts and home fragrances are born from experiences during travels that talented perfumers have been able to express wonderfully. Psychedelic, Remember Me, Rouge assassin, Ambre premier, L'art de la guerre, Private Label, Gardez-moi, L'arbre de la connaissance, La liturgie des heures and Pavillon rouge promise fabulous journeys.

The creations of Jovoy Parfumeur Parisien ($230 for 100 ml) are available at Parfums H (Henriette L.), 1031 Laurier Avenue West, Montreal.

Article Published on February 1, 2019

Writer : Mario Girard, La Presse

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