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Cosmetic Products: Tested and Approved

Cosmetic Products: Tested and Approved

In the realm of cosmetics, it's easy to get lost, with the dizzying number of new products that land on the shelves. Our team presents its discoveries and suggestions of tested products... and approved!

Spicy skin

We miss those trips to the world's trails and their scents... In the meantime, La Closerie is offering us a real journey with spicy accents, with several lines of eaux de parfum that have just hit the shelves of the Henriette L boutique. The one that transported us the most was the unisex Oud collection, where cardamom, cinnamon, saffron and pink berry give the impression of exploring an Indian spice market. Our favorites: Oud Cardamom, with its mysterious, empyreumatic notes, but also Oud Cinnamon, more classic, with its vanilla-tobacco-sandalwood trio. Oud Safran and Oud Baie rose seemed more feminine to us, with their floral notes. In the new Patchouli range, the bewitching cinnamon is more playful than its Oud counterpart, while Patchouli Baie rose, hyper-refreshing with its bitter lime spurt, is ideal for summer. Finally, for women, the trio of the Rose range is worth a look. Practical boxes containing samples of each collection are available for purchase to help you make your choice.
Prices start at $15 (samples) and $155 (50 ml).


Article published on July 16, 2021

Writers : Iris Gagnon-Paradis, Sylvain Sarrazin, Silvia Galipeau

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