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Bonne Chauffe

100 ML
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By perfumer Meabh Mc Curtin

Woody, Smoky
For Men & Women

Bonne Chauffe, what an unusual name for a perfume. But when you realize that it refers to the second distillation in alembics of Frapin cognac, which has been produced by hand since 1270, everything becomes clearer. With this in mind, Frapin has created a powerful fragrance inspired by the blaze of embers. 
After a rich, fruity-woody opening, notes of burnt bark swirl upward, leading to a liquorice accord of ripe black plum, followed by patchouli, tonka, benzoin and Virginia cedar. Naturally evoking the intimacy of a fireside evening, this fragrance warms the heart and soul.

A favorite for fans of woody compositions with opulent smoky notes.

Top Notes: Davana, Black Pepper
Middle Notes: Plum, Wood, Cereal
Base Notes: Vetiver, Cedarwood, Patchouli, Benzoin


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