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Welton London

Lucky Charm


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By perfumer Julie Pluchet
Welton London


Woody, Amber 
For Men & Women


Who hasn't dreamed of going on a magical journey to Wonderland? Lucky Charm has been inspired by this fantastic world where everything is possible.

Joyful, this fragrance becomes part of you, turning in your emotions and creating an imaginary incredible daydream!

Delicious Oriental, Woody, Amber blend, Lucky Charm will draw a fabulous halo around you. 

A lift of fresh Elemi mingles with the sensual vibrancy of Cardamom and the woody tones of Olibanum. The fragrance reveals an elegant oriental depth, where Shisha Tobacco combines with a voluptuous Kashmir Fusion- blending Musk and Amber tones - and a hypnotic Nutmeg. These intense smoky notes rest on a warm background delicately blending Cedarwood, Cistus Labdanum and milky Sandalwood.


Top notes: Elemi, Cardamom, Olibanum
Heart notes: Shisha Tobacco, Nutmeg, Kashmir Fusion
Base notes: Cedarwood, Cistus Labdanum, Sandalwood


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