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Pivoine Souveraine


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By perfumer Céline Ellena

For Woman

Considered the «Queen of Flowers», Peony is symbolic of beauty and love at first sight. Romantic and serene, clear and comforting, Pivoine Souveraine is a subtle peony, with its delicate nuances of roses and white flowers.

Pivoine Souveraine opens unexpectedly with precious spicy notes that evolve into a subtle peony in the heart, enhanced by a bouquet of roses and delicate jasmine, followed by musk, sandalwood and tea leaves. This romantic and serene scent is clear and comforting and is best enjoyed on a beautiful floral path. It is a beautiful floral combination that will transport you to a spring day, when the light of the early hours remains cool and pure.

"Motionless traveler, I like to explore the gardens of the world through the pages of beautiful photo books. Peony has long been a favorite of perfumers for its subtle and complex scent. If its olfactory imprint resembles that of the rose, it is in fact more vegetal, fresh and discreet. Nicknamed the "Queen of Flowers"; it has inspired Céline Ellena to create this fragrance for the House of Houbigant. Expressing all the nuances of this beautiful flower with its velvety petals, she offers you a refined and romantic eau de parfum. An olfactory interpretation faithful to the beauty and poetry of the peony, whose ephemeral flowering in spring makes it even rarer, it is highlighted in a superb bottle with vintage charm. To be worn in all circumstances, it envelops you with tenderness. One of them, a mass of peonies placed like a labyrinth on the shores of the Mediterranean, particularly moved me. Between structure and chaos. Interlacing and abandonment. It is a flexible and sensitive landscape immortalized at the very beginning of spring, when the light of the first hours of the day remains cold and pure. While contemplating this picture, the scents emanating from the landscape pointed the tip of their noses. I immediately felt the desire to transcribe the beauty of these flowers drawn like ruffled pompoms in a thousand shades of watercolors. To gather the materials, to translate the tenderness of the iridescent light that filters through each petal, between leaves and sky. To create finally, a perfume to express all the delicate nuances of roses and whites. I imagined a Subtle Peony. Luminous. Opaline. Velvety… A fragrance without clouds, romantic and serene, clear and comforting. Elegant by nature." Céline Ellena (The Perfumer)

Top Notes: Pink Pepper, Clementine, Elemi
Middle Notes: Peony, Rose, Jasmine
Base Notes: Tea, Sandalwood, Musk


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