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How to make your perfume stay longer

How to make your perfume stay longer

There are many misconceptions about perfume, and it is sometimes difficult to know what is true and what is not. Here you will find the answers to the questions you have always asked yourself about perfume!

Why do certain perfumes last a long time while others do not?

The duration of a perfume mainly depends on two elements. The first one is the concentration of the perfume in the alcohol: an Eau de Cologne will not hold as long as an Eau de Toilette, which will not last as long as an Eau de Parfum, which will evaporate faster than an Extrait de Parfum.

If you wish to leave a subtle scent on your way, an Eau de Cologne or an Eau de Toilette would be what you are looking for. If on the contrary, you wish to wear a more powerful fragrance that would become your unforgettable and immediately recognizable olfactory signature, then an Eau de Parfum or Extrait de Parfum would be the best choice.

The second element to consider is the composition of a perfume. Some olfactory notes, such as those extracted from citrus, fruits, and certain flowers are more volatile and tend to evaporate within less than an hour. However, warm notes such as musk, resins, and woods contain heavier molecules that can last on your skin for up to twelve hours!

So, for example, if you are hesitating between a Floral perfume and an Oriental one, chances are that the Oriental one will last longer on your skin.

How to make perfume last longer?

The persistence and diffusion of perfume indeed depend on the person’s skin, but here is a precious piece of advice to better the hold of your perfume: STAY HYDRATED! Well-hydrated skin will not absorb the perfume as fast, which will allow it to stay better on your skin.

Opt for a lotion or an oil with a neutral smell, since it will not alter the smell of your perfume. It is also possible to scent your clothes or your hair (avoid doing it on fragile hair, since alcohol could dry them out).

Is it true that you shouldn’t rub your wrists together because it breaks the molecules of the perfume?

It is a myth! The energy it takes to break molecules is about a thousand times higher than the one you generate by rubbing your wrists together. 


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Article: Gabrielle Badach for H Parfums
Translation to English: Léonie Chainé


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